BGP – Day 15

After Easter Work

This week it’s mostly about animations and the first step to get our captured motions into proper animations is to clean the motion capture data in the program we are using, called Motive. The cleaning involves watching the different tracking markers and see if any of them disappear. This can happen if they are getting occluded by a body part or if they are confused as being another marker. This is fixed by either re-labeling them to their actual name or selecting a section where they disappear and fill it with information. The program do this by looking at where the marker currently is before disappearing and where it ends up when revealed. Then fills that empty space in between with something that fits the the start and end. I did that with more than 30 animations (since we have some re-takes).

Now that it is done, I’m gonna have its quality assured by a group member and then have to add it to the animation program called Motionbuilder.


That was all for today, take care!



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